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The Perfect Flooring Menu

14 October 2016

Restaurant critics always argue that food and ambience are the two deciding features for anyone choosing to visit a restaurant and we were thrilled to be asked to work as part of the interior design team for a fabulous new eatery due to open at the end of this year.

Business partners, Debbie and Richard, invited us to their site in Upnor to advise on flooring options for the two-storey building that will soon be their new boutique restaurant, Powder Magazine.

Part of our service is working closely with customers to ensure that they not only get the right look, but also have the best flooring for their particular needs. Gavin worked closely with the owners, specifying and testing many samples from our flooring menu. We finally agreed on luxury vinyl flooring specialist Karndean to create the high-end finish that was needed to set off the rest of the décor.


Once the flooring had been chosen we followed up with a further site survey. In order to achieve a flawless appearance it is vital that floor surfaces are flat and free from indentations and raised areas. After checking the downstairs screed and upstairs floorboards we were satisfied with the subfloor condition.


We then moved on to preparation and installation. In the upstairs dining area Debbie and Richard opted for Karndean Van Gogh Distressed Oak, giving a finished look of floorboards, whilst the downstairs dining area was fitted with Karndean Da Vinci Stone Flooring Burnet accentuated with DS12 3mm stripping.


The Karndean vinyl floors create the perfect, durable flooring finish for this space. We can’t wait to visit the Powder Magazine once it’s opened to enjoy their menu and wish Debbie and Richard the best of luck for their opening later this year.