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Herringbone Home – Start to finish

11 June 2018

As specialist suppliers and installers of wood flooring, customers come to us from across the South-East.

A recent project saw our ‘Wood Wizard’ Ray and ‘Magic’ Matt fitting a beautiful, rustic engineered wood (V4 Frozen Umber) in Surrey. A great choice to complement this period countryside home. However, there was a significant amount of hidden sub-floor work required.

Read on for a stage by stage photo-diary:

1. Applying a liquid DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) to the damp concrete floor.

2. Adding the primer on top of the dried DPM.

3. The floor fully primed and ready for the final prep stage.

4. Applying a levelling compound onto of the primed floor.

5. The levelling compound fully dried and smooth, essential for a flat floor!

6. Gluing down the centre row of the herringbone, the governor for the rest of the room.

7. Fully finished floor. Beautiful.

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