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Stepping Into History

14 June 2016

Medway Flooring has a long history of working with property developers, helping to create a high-end finish for their developments.

One of our latest projects was working alongside Gillcrest Homes, an award winning company who we have a long-standing relationship with, on their development of The Grange in Romford, Essex. The property is Grade II listed, dating from 1883, and the development entailed tastefully creating seventeen apartments whilst still maintaining the period features and historic character of the building.

After fitting carpets to all of the apartment bedrooms, the Medway Flooring team focused on the main feature of the interior, the imposing, original, Queen Anne style staircase and landing.

luxurious charcoal grey carpet maidstone 2

Because of the history and shape of the staircase, it was essential for the team to create a clean and bespoke finish. Working to a time limit, we estimated, measured and ordered materials, including a luxurious charcoal carpet to be accentuated with chrome stair rods.

luxurious charcoal grey carpet maidstone 3

The carpet runner was cut to size in our large warehouse and then whipped in a matching colour. Whipping is a technique that binds the edges of a carpet to stop it from fraying. This technique creates a beautiful, professional looking edge and ensures longevity in high traffic areas.

During the installation, each of the chrome stair rods were individually cut to size for each step, ensuring that the stair’s carpet and fittings appeared uniform.